In Your Own Words crafts creative writing for special events and special people,

and offers bespoke speech and vocal coaching.

About me

My name is Elizabeth - or, Lizzie. I graduated from the MSc Creative Writing course at the University of Edinburgh and from the BA(Hons) English course at the University of Nottingham. I am a playwright, professional actor and public speaker with over a decade's experience speaking for businesses, at schools and conferences...and at birthday parties, glass in hand. 

How In Your Own Words began


A couple years ago I wanted to give something a little different to my engaged friends Kayleigh and Dan, so I wrote them a poem. It went down very well. So when asked to read at Chloe and Tom's wedding ceremony, I wondered aloud if, instead of settling for something impersonal and overused from the internet, I could ask them a few questions and use what they said to write them something which spoke of their love in all its delicate, messy, beautiful uniqueness.


That went down very well, too.


The next challenge was bigger - were there questions which could be asked of strangers, that would give me enough personal information to produce a piece truly representative of their relationship? Friends and colleagues recommended engaged couples they knew, I put my shiny new questionnaire to them, scribed from what they said...and soon, my poems were being read at weddings across the country.


So what about poems for events other than weddings?


The rest, as they say...

"You're jolly clever - not only have you asked the right questions and understood the answers but you've been able to add very subtle thoughts."

Stephen, Guildford