Vocal coaching and speech writing

"I've been subject to dozens of presentation courses, management courses and inter-personal training courses throughout the years, but none of them have come close to the 1:1 coaching that Lizzie has provided.

I've used Lizzie as a presentation and communication coach throughout 2017 for developing my own 1:1, 1:Team and 1:Audience situational skills and it's been a MASSIVE factor in having had one of my best years yet. Lizzie's style was very new to me, and so from day 1 I was stepping out of my comfort zone. In the challenging world of corporate consulting, the interpersonal, communication and presentation skills that Lizzie teaches are incredibly powerful - and I don't believe you can get them anywhere else. Everything from subtle uses of voice, to body language and stance.

Lizzie does her research and puts in the time ahead of every session - so it's maximum value during coaching sessions. If you need someone who can give REAL feedback and coaching on any aspect of the way you present yourself, in ANY situation, I can highly recommend booking Lizzie. I'll continue to call on her expertise for a great many years to come."

Designed to build your confidence and help you relax, In Your Own Words provides vocal coaching for emotional events and corporate life.

Public speaking coaching


Tears and laughter:

speaking at emotional events

Getting up in front of people can be stressful if you don't feel like you're a strong speaker. 

But personal events should be an opportunity for you to share something positive in the company of loved ones.


In one bespoke session we'll enhance your ability to engage with your body, breath and voice. We'll pay special attention to your posture, intonation and how you communicate effectively with an audience - or just keep your cool!

Communication coaching

£100 for 1

£300 for 4

Rise to the top:

vocal coaching for


Dread presenting, or speaking at a board meeting? Feel you'd like more gravitas, or to work on your communication skills?


Our sessions will place emphasis on control through relaxation, confidence building and character work to take you to the next level.

You'll also gain access to online resources tailored to your needs, so you can continue your own development. Get in touch with In Your Own Words to see what I can do for you.

If you know of a group who'd benefit from communication workshops: enquire here.

Speech writing

"Thank you so much...the consultation session helped a lot, I just remembered/realised things about Sandra that I don't think I would have thought about if I hadn't had the chance to talk it through with you." 

Nadja, Sweden

My speech writing service offers you the opportunity to enjoy public speaking.


How do you go about writing a speech for an event?


Whatever stage you're at - bursting with ideas but unsure of structure, or the thought of it makes you want to eat your own face - I offer bespoke help to get you speech ready. 


Prices start at £50 for a personal consultation (available in person or on Skype).

"You write so that it's easy to say aloud"

Torty, Bristol