In Your Own Words crafts creative writing for unique events, companies and people.


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You are inquisitive.


You wonder what can be made real. You have thought about this for a while and now that it’s happening, you want it to be entirely your own – entirely yours and theirs.


You have a story – several stories – how many of them need to be told? You wonder what can be included and what can remain just for you.


Your priorities are honesty, joy and a true welcome.

You are grateful.


You've got the opportunity to say it now. How do you articulate it? You are really fucking grateful (maybe you could just write that?).


But it's more than gratitude; you want to say what this relationship means to you. That you’re completed, in some way – filled up, maybe, by them - by knowing them.


How do you say that? How do you write it down so they can keep it, so that they always know it?


You are excited!


Super excited – maybe a little apprehensive, maybe even scared, but genuinely really full of hope. This is the start of something that might change everything. God, it really is going to be great: you can see it, and feel it, like wave swelling in your chest.


The thing is, at the moment it only exists in theory – only in your head and in your conversations. Making it exist in (what we loosely term) Real Life involves sharing it with other people.


You’re going to need people to believe, to support and to rejoice with you. What do you say to them, to make them feel the heart-swell: to make them see what you see?

Who do I want to write for?

  • People for whom their public speaking or word-related task feels like a chore rather than a challenge

  • People for whom English is a second language

  • People who don't know how to communicate well - people in tech?

  • People who are making a positive difference in the world

Who do I want to work for?

  • People who appreciate a bit of performance (actors? Creatives?)!

  • People who want to come out of their shells