"Fabulous poet who will write a beautiful, bespoke poem for any occasion. If you're looking for an original present then I can't recommend In Your Own Words highly enough."

Torty, Bristol

Written in honour of any significant event - birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, newborns and new starts - poems are based on your answers to a short questionnaire and are thereby entirely unique.

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Most are written to be read aloud; each captures the individual essence, mood and tone of the celebration, epitomising the significance of your occasion in a sensitive, surprising and evocative way.

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"I had never thought of doing something like this before, it is so personal and unique and my friend will love it!"

Lydia, London, on "Lisa - from her friends"

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A poem for a retiring Chairman.

Here at our EBT

I am a Partner all the way

I come to work and do my job

Part-time or every day

I’m stressed; I’m always cheerful;

I’m an old timer; I’m new;

It doesn’t matter who I am:

I’m known by Peter Drew.


He knows how I am feeling

‘Cause he asks when he comes in

He greets me with a “Wotcha!”

And that slightly rogueish grin

I light up in his presence

And the minutes slip away

With this kind and happy gentleman

Who cares about my day


A question that has stumped me is

How long he’s been here for

Has it been for 18 years?

Did he start circa ’94?

Was it from the dawn of earthly life?

How long’s a piece of string –

It is since I can remember

And that time’s meant everything


It’s meant kicking round ideas

At gorgeous lunches with French wine

And then spending afternoons

Avoiding walking in straight lines

It’s meant any time I’m struggling

Or something’s felt unjust,

There’s been someone I can laugh with;

It’s meant someone I can trust.


Of course he isn’t just my colleague

He’s the Chair of my Trustees

And has guided them with patience

Through unknown and choppy seas

His judgement and his humour

Have made journeying worthwhile

They’d be nowhere without his care,

His wisdom and his smile


Ok, I don’t know when he started,

But I know what’s on its way!

France and Rosemary,

Cote de Provence and Beaujolais.

Don’t think of us left languishing,

‘Though if you should stop by

I’ll be first in line to see

That twinkle in your eye


I won’t forget your coaching

Or your caring honesty,

I can’t forget the true respect

You always paid to me.

You stand for what’s important

And you’ve helped me see it too.

Words fail – I raise a glass instead:

Our Chairman, Peter Drew

"It's like Lizzie has known him for years; she's captured him perfectly."


To Luke, from his godmother


Today I make a promise

That I’ll be here for you

To be someone who cherishes

And guides you to what’s true


From our first hugs in Guildford

To silly bath time play

Your happy smiles stole my heart

And also my birthday


In time I’ll learn more of you

While you learn some more of me

You’ll tell me tales of school and playtime

And I’ll teach you how to ski


I hope you’ll find fulfilment,

You’ll be kind and use your brain,

Love your elders, be a rebel –

Just do not mix grape and grain


When you need a break from Star Wars

Or think city life’s more fun

You and I can seek adventure

While I dish the dirt on Mum


We have many years together

As you grow and find your way

Know my promise never changes:

I am here for you, today

"Lizzie I'm crying! Thank you, they're going to love it."


A poem for a home away from home.

Come in, rest up – you’ve made it

To this warm, familiar place

Now at last you can exhale

Now at last you’re in your space


Jean’s baps, Galloway honey

Start each magic day anew –

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like

I’ll remember it for you


What city life erases

I’ll restore to childish glee

Light you up like midnight’s glowing flecks

That sway upon the sea


Wonky stones send you slip-sliding,

Eau de garlic fills the air –

When you find driftwood and rose-shells

I’ll remember that you’re there


So let the blue swing fly you

Like a golf ball ‘cross Colvend

Let beach fires burn marshmallows

At each wind-danced, sea day’s end


I know kisses under raindrops;

I know giggled secrets made;

I know the hand warming your fingers

 Might keep holding yours always


Like the path to Bogglehole,

Life is long – but though you roam,

When your car-tyres crunch on gravel

You will know that you are home


So when you leave ‘cause Life is calling

With its Life Things you must do,

Just let these memories free like birdsong:

I’ll remember them for you