Written in honour of any significant event - birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, newborns and new starts - poems are based on your answers to a short questionnaire and are thereby entirely unique.

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Most are written to be read aloud; each captures the individual essence, mood and tone of the celebration, epitomising the significance of your occasion in a sensitive, surprising and evocative way.

"Fabulous poet who will write a beautiful, bespoke poem for any occasion. If you're looking for an original present then I can't recommend In Your Own Words highly enough."

Torty, Bristol

"I had never thought of doing something like this before, it is so personal and unique and my friend will love it!"

Lydia, London, on "Lisa - from her friends"

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One of a kind

 Upon her retirement - from her colleagues

In our company, many are wonders,

And in all many merits you’ll find

But for 22 years we’ve had one in our midst

Who is quite simply one of a kind


A woman who’s caring and patient

A teacher with knowledge and grace

A colleague inimitably classy

Whose sense of fun lights our workplace


Whether joining her team as a partner,

Being lunched as a new research hire,

Sharing sandwiches on a train platform,

Her kind welcome never expires


She powers through NHS searches;

Makes you feel both safe and in awe;

Inspires us to achieve all that we must;

Stands up for what she stands for.


She’s created and nurtured her practice

Her hard work ignites your A game,

Which you must bring when she dances on tables

Rocking out to Shania Twain!


When you want to, she chats about nothing

Lends you tights when yours are worn through

Tucks labels back into your jacket;

 She is there, looking out for you


A woman who’s fierce and supportive

A teacher who shows you you can

A colleague who’ll be missed by her colleagues

And always, my dear friend – Ann.


A poem for a home away from home.

Come in, rest up – you’ve made it

To this warm, familiar place

Now at last you can exhale

Now at last you’re in your space


Jean’s baps, Galloway honey

Start each magic day anew –

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like

I’ll remember it for you


What city life erases

I’ll restore to childish glee

Light you up like midnight’s glowing flecks

That sway upon the sea


Wonky stones send you slip-sliding,

Eau de garlic fills the air –

When you find driftwood and rose-shells

I’ll remember that you’re there


So let the blue swing fly you

Like a golf ball ‘cross Colvend

Let beach fires burn marshmallows

At each wind-danced, sea day’s end


I know kisses under raindrops;

I know giggled secrets made;

I know the hand warming your fingers

 Might keep holding yours always


Like the path to Bogglehole,

Life is long – but though you roam,

When your car-tyres crunch on gravel

You will know that you are home


So when you leave ‘cause Life is calling

With its Life Things you must do,

Just let these memories free like birdsong:

I’ll remember them for you

"It's like Lizzie has known her for years; she's captured her perfectly."