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“Mummy, that girl’s scary” were your darling daughter’s words
For she was shy, but I was loud and needed to be heard
Thank goodness she saw sense and our friendship made it through
Because it brought me Twinni, and it also brought me you

With husband, daughters, dogs, you’d understandably assume
That hands and heart were full and there was simply no more room
But your arms were open wide and your welcome swept me up
Just like all those who are close to you, I can’t believe my luck

Our time together’s taught me life is sweeter on the coast
That Emmeline and Edward are a Grandma’s proudest boast
The undeniable importance of a gorgeous pair of shoes
That lovely bubbly pleasure of a refilled flute of booze

So cheers to Duck End Farm and the guinea piggery
To rubbing shoulders with the stars, sneaking off backstage for free
To gorging fish and chips so we don’t mind wind and rain
To Fortnum and to Mason for exemplary champagne

I won’t forget those Gina’s gliding down a London street
A more unlikely farmer’s gal you are not likely to meet
Piccadilly was our turf, soft French sparkles charged our glass
The Queen herself could not have hoped to radiate such class

You live and laugh and love with astounding energy
In every way your beauty is as boundless as the sea
So this is to say thanks for the support and joy you give
Please join me, raise your glasses, to our one and only Viv


  • "I couldn't get through the first verse without crying!!!!! You are so bloody clever!!! It's perfect!"
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