In Your Own Words exists to share the power of language and speech with as many people as possible.


I write with people and for projects that have a meaningful story to tell and want it told with impact, sensitivity, courage and joy.

My mission is to share power through words by:

  • listening to you, so I can say what you want said.

  • remembering to play.

  • combining creativity and organisation so I can deliver what you're expecting, and more than what you were expecting.


So, what do you want to say?

"For me as a coach, I can very much discern who listens and who truly listens. Lizzie is someone who understands your true essence, listens between your lines - and the best part - finds the right words. I am still so amazed because I believe that everything starts with connection - so if you want your full heart expressed, reach out to Lizzie, because she is also a fun person to be with!" 

Linh, London

What does In Your Own Words do?

  • I write for people who want to express themselves or something emotionally.

  • I write for people who feel they don't have the skills to write: perhaps because they are being set a challenge they have never encountered before and don't know how to begin, or perhaps because they don't have English as a first language.

  • I write for people who want their words to make a positive difference: in their own lives, in their own social circles, in the lives of their loved ones, or in the world.

  • I take part in your event or project as a playful, hard-working partner.


"Lizzie this is perfect! I mean I can barely read the last paragraph or two without the tears rolling down my cheeks, but I’ll get round that when we think about delivery..."

Cassie, for Sophie's speech

What are In Your Own Words' values?

  • Confidence: if you have confidence in how you're presenting yourself and what you're saying, you can achieve so much.

  • Capability: it's a cliche these days but I believe it's true - what you need, you probably already have. You just need someone to help you package and present it.

  • Communication: effectively and clearly conveying an idea to someone else is like magic, and together we can make it reality.

  • Enjoyment: I want you to ENJOY the process of finding the words with me, and ultimately, the experience of owning them. 


"You are a little word genius." 

Anna, London