I’m so impressed with people who get up in front of a big crowd of people who might be enormously important to them and deliver a speech. That's because I've made the startling discovery that, whilst I relish public speaking, most people...don't! 


Does public speaking terrify you? I am the person to ask for help.


I’ll write the speech, edit it or offer an outside eye on what you’ve made. Then, I'll give you personalised tips on how to deliver it so that everyone enjoys it – including you!


I’ve worked on best man’s speeches, start-up pitches, and speeches that show someone how much you care even in your absence. Let me know what you need.


"Lizzie this is perfect! I mean I can barely read the last paragraph or two without the tears rolling down my cheeks, but I’ll get round that when we think about delivery..."

Cassie, for Sophie's speech




What do you want to write? Maybe a manifesto for your socially conscious business or endeavour. Maybe your “why” story, to get your branding straight. Maybe podcast content.


I write with people and for projects that have an emotional story to tell and want to tell it with impact, sensitivity and courage.


Here are just a few examples of things I’ve worked on recently:

  • A narrative for and about a couple adopting a baby, for them to share with expectant parents

  • A poem celebrating a group of friends who spent 100 hours together on Zoom during lockdown

  • A monologue helping people in the tech industry understand why stopping domestic violence is a bystander’s responsibility too

"For me as a coach, I can very much discern who listens and who truly listens. Lizzie is someone who understands your true essence, listens between your lines - and the best part - finds the right words. I am still so amazed because I believe that everything starts with connection - so if you want your full heart and being expressed, reach out to Lizzie, because she is also a fun person to be with!" 

Linh, Life Coach

(read Linh's case study here)


Storytelling works. I produce, edit or restructure content for professionals, with a specific interest in working with those for whom English is a second language.


"Concise, specific and well informed...on point." 


Mahdi, The Humble AI



As a playwright and short film writer, I'm used to dealing with scripts.

 I'm the creator, project manager, writer, editor and host of two podcasts:

  • #happydaysproject – asking a diverse range of people “What makes you happy?” and sharing the answers – and;

  • Eggshells – exploring how to navigate disagreement in daily life and encouraging more people to talk and listen with courage

"You are a little word genius." 

Anna, Anna Fern Weddings