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Your dream ceremony is possible. Trust me on this.

"We wanted to thank you again for your fantastic ceremony :) As Marko said on the day, you really "got" us, and it was very special to hear your words in person in front of all our friends and family. Almost every one of our guests came up to us and told us how brilliant and personal the ceremony was and how much they enjoyed it. We really couldn't have wished for a better person to marry us - thank you again!"

Denise and Marko

A bride and groom hold hands during their ceremony whilst their celebrant looks on, grinning!
A celebrant marries a beautiful couple at Hever Castle.


Let's make your ceremony one your guests will be talking about for years to come.

What's a Celebrant?

A celebrant, or officiant, leads your ceremony on the day. The MC, if you will - or the pilot. Maybe the tour guide. You get the idea.


The celebrant also writes a script based on stories you share. They make your ceremony a unique experience for you and your loved ones.


For wedding ceremonies, there's the legal component to consider. In the UK, neither I nor you can do the legal bit; in America anyone can, so long as they take an online qualification related to your State. 


I personally define a celebrant as someone who learns what you want for your celebration, adds creative flair, and makes it happen.

...and a Ceremony Writer?

I can be your celebrant, but maybe you already have one! Your sibling, an aunt or uncle, maybe a friend. If this is their first rodeo, though, it would be quite kind of you to make sure they have the help they need with the script. Hello there.


I am your ceremony writer behind the scenes! After getting to know you and your chosen celebrant (plus any additional loved ones who you'd like to influence your day), the script I write will be beautifully crafted, impactful and, above all, sound like you.

"Thank you for taking an amazing lead for the most important part of our wedding day – the ceremony.

It has been lovely sharing our memories and relationship (?!) with you. With your subtle guidance, we certainly found our own words."

Matt and Cassie

The ceremony process

1 / Getting to know you

Through a video call and a questionnaire, you'll tell me your story. Through emails, we'll work out the practical details.

2 / Sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time...

Then there will be a period, predetermined between us, when I'm off writing the ceremony and you have to do sweet fa. You may receive an email from me during this time asking an obscure question ("Would you say the Canadian island where you got engaged is your favourite place in the world or only one of your favourite places...?"*).

*Recent real example.

3 / About Damn Time

The moment arrives and you receive the first draft of the ceremony! Once you've had time to digest we'll have a video call to chat through changes, which I'll make post haste. 

That's it! Unless I'm also going to be your celebrant, in which case - see you there!

It’s a family affair

When Sarah and Gavin asked her son Spencer to officiate their wedding, they wanted the words he uttered to be from…well, everybody! After an initial call, they sent me a list of ten people – all close family – whose input they wanted for the script. I issued questionnaires and wrote the ceremony based entirely on everyone’s answers. Before I began I chatted with Spencer over videocall, just to get a sense of his tone of voice and demeanour, so I could write in a way that would sound like something he’d say.

What I enjoyed most was getting the balance of stories from each of their ten loved ones. There were infinite thoughtful details for me to include, and by running them together with a narrative thread I created a funny, sentimental and deeply personal love-letter of a ceremony for Sarah and Gavin.


1. Do you do other types of ceremonies, not just weddings?

Yep - for example, naming ceremonies, vow renewal ceremonies and memorials.

2. How far in advance do I have to book you?

Recommend minimum 3 months for ceremony script writing, and 9 months for in-person celebrant services.


3. Where do you perform ceremonies?

Worldwide! If you can get me there, then let's go. I'm based between Bristol (UK) and Chicago (USA), so if you're local to one of those then just ask me where I'll be on your ceremony date.

4. I want to write some of the ceremony myself but not all of it. Do you do bespoke help?

Sure. Gathering information, drafting, editing, delivery - I can help with all stages of the process depending on what you'd like.

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