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The door clicks on its hinges

The table’s laid for two

The scent of roses reaches me

I’m filled up unexpectedly

With joy at seeing you


The bustle of my daytime

Is stilled within your hands

The drive that has evaded me

The movement forward I can’t see

With you, I understand


You can light the room up

When we are with my crowd

All my friends say you pass the test

My mother really likes you best

I’m by your side and proud


A garden full of laughter

A glass that’s full of wine

An ice cream under Salcombe sun

The lessons learned in How To Pun:

Life’s sweeter now you’re mine


So let’s plan more adventures

Let’s be living out our dream

I know I’m blessed by who you are

That when you’re close, we will go far

For you and I are Team

Next step


The air is fresh, the ground is wet

The sun’s not reached its peak just yet

My hand’s in yours, with yours in mine

And ‘long this path, we take our time


In Lemington, with stars still out,

A lucky meeting came about

And with the dawn of the next day

We took our first steps on our way


‘Though one heart beats for Rams’ football

The other heeds X Factor’s call

Together, ‘cross the globe we roam

Together in our Brockley home


The mates who make our spirits soar

The families whom we adore

From uni days now through the years

We'll always hold each other dear


With every minute as we go,

If hills are steep or cold winds blow,

Laughter sounds, your smile shines through

And I’m not lost ‘cause I’m with you


West Mill, this magic afternoon,

With gorgeous flowers, cheesy tunes,

Sees those we treasure in one place

As we make vows to keep our pace


Hand in hand and steps aligned

Keeping silly, keeping kind;

To growth and trusting ever true,

To joy, to fun, to love, to you.

Yours and mine


Yours, dear?

Mine, dear.

Oh, couldn’t you change the tone?

Well, my alarm didn’t bother anyone

When I was here alone.


I’m up to groom my Oz, my joy,

My other right hand man.

Don’t try to make me jealous, dear:

You know I’ve got Dylan.


Mine, dear?

Yours, dear.

A cup that’s freshly brewed.

Now off I go. - Don’t work too hard!

I’ll call you around noon.


Chores and loud chatter, statements, bills,

Errands, waiting. Dreams.

Land and wind and space to breathe.

Wood doors. Low-hanging beams.


Is that you, dear?

It is me, dear.

I’m so glad that you’ve phoned.

It’s been a hard day and I’m worn out,

I’d quite like to come home.


‘Cause home is paint and home’s homemade,

Good food, beer and wine,

Home is a table with family and friends,

Home is you and I.


Yours, dear!

No, yours, dear!

I washed up just last night!

I’m watching TV! I’m far too tired!

You’re wrong, you’re wrong, I’m right!


The dogs need walking, getting dark.

Boots and coats pulled on.

Is the door locked? - Yes, I just checked.

Shall we be getting along?


Careful, dear!

Oh, thank you, dear.

Well, I wouldn’t let you trip.

The path can be rough, and hills so steep,

But I’ve your hand to grip.


I’m peaceful now. I’m happy too,

Here, underneath the stars.

The future’s mine, the future’s yours;

No, my love, it’s ours.



If we don’t spend much time dwelling

On the things that we have done

The flip-flopped, sea-splashed memories

We made under the sun


If we don’t replay repeatedly

Adventures we’ve been on

Traversing the two continents

To which we two belong


It’s ‘cause we’ve got things to do

Plans and dreams of future fun:

There are dancefloors undiscovered

There are races to be run


Puppies playing in a garden

Excited footsteps on a stair

Whoever snaps the better photo

It’s a picture we will share


We’ve cultivated globally

The finest sorts of friends

And have two amazing families

On whom we’ll endlessly depend


So if treading streets, barefoot on sand –

Wherever we may roam,

We’ll go there holding hands and hearts:

Together, we’ve found home.

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I'm submitting a poem for this competition. I want you to help me pick which one to submit, by voting for your favourite! Should I submit the poem you chose, and should it win the competition, your name will go into a draw and if selected, you'll be able to claim a free wedding poem, whenever you choose! If you've made it all the way to reading this I would DEFINITELY vote - you've got a discerning eye. It's in the bag.