Your celebration, in your own words.


Matt, Surrey

"Lizzie is the hardest working, most professional and most talented person in the wedding industry that we experienced or have heard of."

Bespoke wedding ceremony

You are unique and so is your marriage. You don't want to use words dredged up from the internet for your ceremony, vows, readings or speeches. You want a wedding that really comes from you, and really sounds like you.


On your wedding day (or weekend, or week!), I want you and your loved ones to have exactly the right words to say, and your very own way of saying them.


When writing for a wedding I know how to strike the right tone, crafting a ceremony which speaks of you, and to your beloved friends and family.


"My husband and I enjoyed every step of this process with Lizzie; from reflecting on what ‘love and marriage’ really means to us, to the finished poem which now has pride of place in our downstairs bathroom (where all important sentiments should be kept!)."

Chloe and Tom


"Thank you so much for writing the most amazing reading for our wedding day. It was so lovely and brought a personal touch to our ceremony. Everyone commented on how 'us' it was - I cannot believe that simply from that questionnaire, you were spot on!"

Niki and Stu


In Your Own Words values the uniqueness of each couple and your marriage. I have no cut-and-paste structure when writing ceremonies, because there are lots of details that you'll bring to your ceremony that are personal to you. When writing a wedding ceremony I really take time striking your tone, crafting a ceremony which speaks of you, and reaches out to your beloved friends and family.


I’m an actor and a communication coach; I can deliver the ceremony or give your loved one the confidence to officiate! Let me lighten the emotional load by writing the script, then training your chosen celebrant to be their best and enjoy the experience, giving everyone an incredible day.

I also offer vow consultation and some editing. You may not be doing a speech but I bet if you're considering a celebrant-led ceremony, you're also considering writing your own vows. I can't do this for you (I'm sure you agree that would just be weird), but with a one-on-one session I can get you started with structure and brainstorming content. I can also "match" your vows with your partner's (make sure one of you isn't talking Eternal Love while the other is joking about dishwashing), so that they can remain a surprise for each of you on the day.



I’m so impressed with people who get up in front of a crowd at the wedding of someone enormously important to them and, often several glasses of prosecco the worse for wear, deliver a speech! That's because I've finally  discovered that, whilst I love public speaking, most people...don't! 


Does public speaking terrify you, especially in front of your loved ones? I am the person to ask for help.


I’ll write the speech, edit it or offer an outside eye on what you’ve made. Then, I'll give you personalised tips on how to deliver it so that everyone enjoys it – including you!


Anytime a couple has a creative writing idea for their wedding that seems too “out there”, I want to hear about it. The more "ridiculous" or "out there", the better. Reception table poems? Got it. Individual haikus for each of your guests? Can do. A poet in a top hat with a typewriter producing poems on demand at your reception? Why yes, actually, I do that as well.


If I write you a poem, people will believe I’ve known you for years.

In Your Own Words began with a poem written for my best friend on her wedding day. It went down beautifully, as sentiments at weddings admittedly often do…but the challenge was this: could I recreate the effect for a couple I didn’t know?

Some months and market research later, I launched In Your Own Words, and in the years since I have written for weddings across the world.

You might want a poem as a ceremony reading, a reception speech, or a gift for a member of the wedding party.

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"I had never thought of doing something like this before, it is so personal and unique and my friend loved it!"

Lydia, on "Lisa - from her friends"


Ceremony script writing.

  • Three meetings, usually - one at enquiry, and upon confirmation, a further two to gather the information I need to write your ceremony. These meetings can be in person, online, or a combination.

  • Full ceremony script, with redrafts as necessary.

  • £500.



  • The above, plus me there in person on your day to deliver your ceremony. It's a true privilege and pleasure to meet you especially if we've conducted all our previous meetings virtually, and to be there to marry you!

  • Travel expenses additional.

  • £750.

Speech writing.

  • A conversation at enquiry or upon confirmation, further to which you answer a bespoke questionnaire which gives me the information I need to write your speech.

  • I can write the whole speech, or edit, consult on or proof what you've written. 

  • A tailored public speaking coaching session, 1.5 hours, in person or remote.

  • Speech consultation starts at £50; writing speech is usually £300; tailored coaching session is £70.


Creative wedding writing.

  • Bespoke depending upon request - please be in touch.

  • Typewriter poet usually £300.


  • A conversation at enquiry or upon confirmation, further to which you answer a bespoke questionnaire which gives me the information I need to write your poem.

  • Poem with redraft as necessary.

  • See this document for additional process details.

  • £150.

Couples who have chosen In Your Own Words have been "bowled over" by how personal their wedding is. 

What to hear me in action? Have a listen to this poem, and also check out these examples.

P.S - does a John Lewis guest list sound dull? A personal poem makes an exceptional wedding gift!


Lovely - a poem for Kate & Sam - In Your Own Words
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