"A little vintage, a little circus, a little silly, a lot excellent!"

"Frankly I just can't believe you can actually do this."


It's simple really; I have a typewriter, and I'll turn up at your event and write people poems on it.

The poems take an average of 15 minutes to write and can be about anything. Anything. Some stand out topics I've written about are My Ex, Kim Kardashian, Baby Yoda, The Nature of Change, and The Brain. I dare you to think of better.

People really like these poems (which is fortunate because I love writing them). I've spent some time thinking about why that is in an upcoming blog. 

If you hire me for your event, I will come looking "normal" (i.e. dressed according to your event dress code), or I could deliver poems in my top hat and circus master jacket as above, just to add pizzazz. Depends how much you like pizzazz.

A few samples to share with you.

Typewriter poem 1
Typewriter poem 2
Typewriter poem 3
Typewriter poem 4
Typewriter poem 5

"In Your Own Words offers something beyond all expectations. It gave such a unique and personalised element to the wedding."


As your typewriter poet, I'll be with you for between 1-3 hours as suits your event. I can sit inside or (weather dependent!) outside, and I'll just need a table and chair set up - we can chat about this but as long as the typewriter is level, I'm flexible! I charge £300 and while this can be negotiated for shorter lengths of time, it won't go down by too much so I recommend getting the most out of the service if you can! I'll bring all my equipment, of course, and your guests will be gifted their poems to take away with them.

I want to be available and flexible for the right event, so if you're interested, please be in touch and let's have a chat.