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"Lizzie is the hardest working, most professional and most talented person in the wedding industry that we experienced or have heard of."

Bespoke wedding ceremony

In Your Own Words values the uniqueness of you and your marriage. My mission is to empower everyone to express themselves and their love with confidence and elation. When writing for a wedding I take time to strike the right tone, crafting a ceremony which speaks of you, and to your beloved friends and family.


An actor and public speaking coach, I'll deliver the ceremony or offer you the opportunity to have a loved one marry you! I'll do the hard work writing it and then I'll train your chosen "celebrant" to channel their nerves into articulate joy, giving someone dear to you the unique chance to do something incredible.

Give it some VIP attention

Break with tradition if the tradition doesn’t feel right

Sensitively include your guests

Be honest about what you love



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Design your day...

Bespoke wedding ceremony
  • Consultations

  • Writing your unique ceremony

  • Redrafts until you're happy

  • One of the following options is included; each additional +£100:

    • One 'perfect touch' (see below)

    • OR I'll delivery your ceremony

    • OR coaching for your chosen loved one so they can deliver the ceremony


Ceremony package

Wedding reading
  • Vow consultations and on-call editing advice 

  • Speech writing consultations and on-call editing advice

  • Coaching sessions to work on the delivery of a speech

£100 each

Perfect touches

best man speech

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  • Consultations

  • Writing the speech

  • Redrafts until you're happy 

  • A coaching session working on delivery of the speech

Speech package

Wedding writer


  • Consultations

  • Writing your unique ceremony

  • Redrafts until you're happy

  • I deliver your ceremony, or work with your chosen loved one in a delivery session

  • A personalised poem

  • Vow consultations and on-call editing advice 

  • A speech writing consultation and on-call editing advice 

  • Coaching session to work on delivery of a speech

The whole caboodle

"In Your Own Words took the time to produce something beyond all expectations. It offered such a unique and personalised element to the wedding."


"You have totally made my day!!"


You are a unique pairing - have a reading at your ceremony which truly reflects that.

"My husband and I enjoyed every step of this process with Lizzie; from reflecting on what ‘love and marriage’ really means to us, to the finished poem which now has pride of place in our downstairs bathroom (where all important sentiments should be kept!)."


"Thank you so much for writing the most amazing reading for our wedding day. It was so lovely and brought a personal touch to our ceremony. Everyone commented on how 'us' it was - I cannot believe that simply from that questionnaire, you were spot on!"

Is a poem for me?

Couples who have chosen In Your Own Words have been bowled over by how personal a wedding poem can be, from just a simple questionnaire. Have a look at this selection of examples:

P.S. Does a John Lewis guest list sound dull? A personal poem makes an exceptional wedding gift.


Poems refreshed regularly - check back for more!




Life’s full of adventures

But when all is said and done

There’s little that’s more lovely

Than a day spent in the sun


A group run in the morning

Cycling in the afternoon

A wine and board games evening

Friends we’ll see again so soon


Life’s full of achievements

But what could bring more pride

Than a home saved for and paid for

Through teamwork, side by side


Than watching your best human

Score a pick six, win a race

Competing with each other;

Still in step and keeping pace


Life can be hilarious

But nothing makes you grin

Like obvious, sarcastic jokes

With your lame humour twin


Laughs with family, puns

And new dog clips online

Strangers might not get it

But we understand just fine


Life’s full of good memories

But when we pick the best

The Lions and the Pussycats

Will stand out from the rest


The steak and chips proposal

Phonecalls drowning in champagne

Our wedding built by loved ones

Who we thank and thank again


And right now, this very moment

We become husband and wife

Vow to share all of our smiles

Be ‘home’ together all through life


Each day’s full of adventures

But when the day is through

There’s little that’s more lovely

Than lovely, lovely you

Lovely - a poem for Kate & Sam - In Your Own Words
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Want to know how I'll write your poem? Read these case studies.

For Alie and Chris


We’re gathered here tonight

As coloured fire lights the sky

To enjoy the chocolate fountain

Before Alie drinks it dry


Although a slap across the face

Often implies one isn’t keen

This couple rose above it

And they’ve grown into a team


On the pitch, sticks raised in battle;

On safari, by the sea;

Painting walls in their dream house;

Or chowing down at Maccy D’s!


Chris, you’re generous and patient,

Even when she steals your dinner

You tease her like we all do

So I know she’s found a winner

But you have always got her back

And I know she’s got yours too

I’m overjoyed to gain a brother

And I’m overjoyed it’s you

Alie, my big sister

Who is there through highs and lows

Life isn’t always kind

But somehow your kindness grows.

You radiate such brilliance

You can’t help but steal the show

You are my hero and I love you

Maybe more than you can know.


Now that you are wife and husband,

New adventuring will start

In your Harborne hockey homestead

That you’ve built with hand and heart


With friends and family to support you

Your new chapter starts tonight

May it be filled with love and laughter

May your skies always be bright