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"Lizzie did an INCREDIBLE job. She absolutely and completely smashed it and all of our guests were blown away by her poems. It was such a special addition to an incredible day. Thank you SO much."


Is a poem for me?

Humans who have chosen In Your Own Words have been bowled over by, from just a simple questionnaire, how truly personal a poem can be. Have a look at this selection of examples:

P.S. Does another vase sound dull? A personal poem makes an exceptional wedding gift.


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Life’s full of adventures

But when all is said and done

There’s little that’s more lovely

Than a day spent in the sun


A group run in the morning

Cycling in the afternoon

A wine and board games evening

Friends we’ll see again so soon


Life’s full of achievements

But what could bring more pride

Than a home saved for and paid for

Through teamwork, side by side


Than watching your best human

Score a pick six, win a race

Competing with each other;

Still in step and keeping pace


Life can be hilarious

But nothing makes you grin

Like obvious, sarcastic jokes

With your lame humour twin


Laughs with family, puns

And new dog clips online

Strangers might not get it

But we understand just fine


Life’s full of good memories

But when we pick the best

The Lions and the Pussycats

Will stand out from the rest


The steak and chips proposal

Phonecalls drowning in champagne

Our wedding built by loved ones

Who we thank and thank again


And right now, this very moment

We become husband and wife

Vow to share all of our smiles

Be ‘home’ together all through life


Each day’s full of adventures

But when the day is through

There’s little that’s more lovely

Than lovely, lovely you

Lovely - for Kate and Sam
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We hike across Mayne

One glorious day

Nine years on, we’ve still got plenty to say

You hold the beers

I’m down on one knee

To stay in your company’s all I need


You’re up for adventure

I know you can cope

We’ll stay warm when the wind whistles cold on the slopes

Stay for a sip of that chilled craft beer

Stay ‘til those humpback whales appear


Stay through the darkness

If winter drones on

Have a wedding in Febr’ary to cheer us along

Stay on the dancefloor

Dance the night through

Laugh ‘til your face hurts

I’ll be there with you


Stay away from the jumpers

You’ve enough, guaranteed.

Love sports, love Woking

But go without me!

We won’t stay in Southampton

We’ll find pastures new

It’s incredibly easy to be anywhere with you


Keep hold of our mem’ries:

Skiing at Silver Star

Manta ray snork’lling at a national park

In campervans, cabins, looking for bears

Showing Misty and Kingston we’ll always be theirs


Stay who you are:

Fearless and fun

Encouraging me to be who I’ll become

You’re sometimes annoying

And you’re always right

But I’d never change you

Or how we do life


We’ve travelled far

As boy-and-girl-friend

It’s been so much fun I don’t want it to end

So cheers to what’s next

And, ‘though Arnie would say,

“I don’t do requests”,

You’ve asked, so I’ll stay.

Stay - for Allana and James
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