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A poet's hands writing using a typewriter, outdoors

Words for when words matter.

Emotional Eloquence
for your Celebration.

In Your Own Words

Let's make this about YOU...

What are you looking for?


A reading, a gift, a tribute: you got the love, I'll spell it out.


A huge crowd pleaser: poetry written in the moment at your event.


Your loved one can do the talking & I'll take care of the writing.


"For me as a coach, I can very much discern who listens and who truly listens. Lizzie is someone who understands your true essence, listens between your lines - and the best part - finds the right words. I am still so amazed because I believe that everything starts with connection - so if you want your full heart expressed, reach out to Lizzie, because she is also a fun person to be with!" 

Linh, who created her business story with me

When I read what Lizzie had written from the details I’d given her, I was bowled over with the elegance and insight of what she’d written. She managed to write for my lovely friend as if she knew her and as if the words had come from me...this exceeded all of my expectations, and the process was a pleasure.

Mariel, who commissioned a bespoke poem for her friend's birthday.

Do you have the feels, but not the words to articulate them?

You want a celebration that's personal and perfect, but everything you see on the internet is disappointing. Maybe you've found a template, but it's nowhere close to what you actually want! You don't truck with bland and generic; you're seeking something that's truly "you" (or "them", you loving soul).

If you're honouring a milestone like marriage or passing, then the ceremony will be a meaningful component of your day. Something special to share with your loved ones - after all, your guests are a big part of why you're doing this.

You are creative, unique and ambitious, and you want to work with someone like that, too.

Mostly: you love. And on this day, of all days, you want to really share it.



(creative writing client)

"You are a little word genius." 

Cassie (speech client)

"Lizzie this is perfect! I mean I can barely read the last paragraph or two without the tears rolling down my cheeks, but I’ll get round that when we think about delivery..."

Stephen (poem client)

"You're jolly clever - not only have you asked the right questions and understood the answers but you've been able to add very subtle thoughts."


Hi, I'm Lizzie. My email address says Elizabeth - I was just experimenting with being "sophisticated".

I'm a creative writer, a celebrant/officiant, a performer, a playwright, a poet, a podcaster, a pole dancer, a Pisces*, a cyclist, a runner, a traveller and a fan of both Angela Carter and acro yoga.

Some years ago, I wanted to give something a little different to my engaged friends Kayleigh and Dan, so I wrote them a poem. It went down very well. Then when asked to read at Chloe and Tom's wedding ceremony, I wondered aloud if, instead of settling for something impersonal and overused, I could ask them a few questions and use what they said to write them something which spoke of their love in all its delicate, messy, beautiful uniqueness. 


That went down very well, too.


Curious soul that I am, I started to wonder - could I do this for strangers? Friends recommended engaged couples they knew and I put my shiny new questionnaire to them, scribed from what they said...and soon, my poems were being read at weddings across the world.


But what if I wanted to write not only poems, but full ceremonies? Or poems in the moment? Or to write for any celebration, not just weddings?


The rest, as they say...


It is so satisfying, and frankly lovely, for me to hear your story and hand you something that you and your loved ones will cherish. Clients frequently say that talking with me about their lives and loves is "like a very heart-warming therapy session" - because I treat you as the individual you are, listening to what you tell me and never re-using material.**

Enjoy having a browse and when you're ready, use the contact page to start our conversation. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

*I'm actually a Capricorn, and I actually know nothing about astrology at all; I just leant into the run of things beginning with P.

**Recycling in every other area of life though is largely great.

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*currently irregularly, and only usefully.

Fab to have you around.

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