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Oma's poem


Granddaughters Chloe & Sophie



Run across to Oma’s
15 minutes down the road
Magic to have lived so near our home away from home
To have had her our forevers
To have watched her watch us grow
To have danced and played and laughed
At things just she and we can know

Hole up safe at Oma’s
Or if we’re stuck
Jolly rumbles to the rescue and we can’t believe our luck
As Dad learned when mother’s love
Took him to school, on weekend trips,
There’s no problem big or small
That a profiterole can’t fix

Skip happily to Oma’s
Or ride instead
As her memories paint pictures of the lives she’s led
Ballroom dancing, milking cattle,
Mares grazing on fresh grass
Horses canter ‘cross the gap
Between my present and her past

Sit quietly at Oma’s
Imagine, if you can,
Surviving war, teaching, moving cultures with your man
Continents and languages
High rise and untamed plains
To our childish ears, courageous;
To our adult ones, the same

Look ‘round for Oma
She’s not far
Supporting and accepting us exactly how we are
Showing never telling
At your side to see it through
They say one can’t choose who one loves
Somehow you knew she’d chosen you

Live like Oma
Take a chance
Glass tables likely shatter, but still she let me dance
Through her, the world seemed boundless
With her, such joy occurred
To her, we’re ever grateful
We are proud that we were hers

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