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There’s a magic to this union
Of Bavarian and Brit
Our gorgeous friend has found the man
Who is her perfect fit

Who knew they’d meet in Merriscourt
But date in Italy
Then hit the slopes with Hannah’s folks
(Thank goodness he could ski!)

A relationship ‘cross borders
Might look tricky at first glance
But ‘though Hannah is a planner
She will also take a chance

Facing up to any challenge
She can sail the open sea
Adopt a new career path
Settle in a new country

The warm, arm-open welcome
That she endlessly extends
Creates her opportunities
And guarantees her friends

We love you when you’re streaking
When you wear a rug and bleat
When you pretend to “mix” us drinks
But you serve us spirits neat

We treasure happy memories
Of lying in at home
With cups of tea and laughter
Facebook stalking on your phone

For when she isn’t learning German,
She will always choose to be
With drink and food and multitudes
Of friends and family

We’re proud of how you reach for life
And with great love and care
You make it something beautiful
Something to be shared

To find a heart more generous
We would be sorely pressed
Please join us as we raise a toast:
The bride we love the best!

A poem for Hannah

  • "How did you weave in all that detail? It is so clever!"
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