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We’re gathered here tonight
As coloured fire lights the sky
To enjoy the chocolate fountain
Before Alie drinks it dry

Although a slap across the face
Often implies one isn’t keen
This couple rose above it
And they’ve grown into a team

On the pitch, sticks raised in battle;
On safari, by the sea;
Painting walls in their dream house;
Or chowing down at Maccy D’s!

Chris, you’re generous and patient,
Even when she steals your dinner
You tease her like we all do
So I know she’s found a winner
But you have always got her back
And I know she’s got yours too
I’m overjoyed to gain a brother
And I’m overjoyed it’s you

Alie, my big sister
Who is there through highs and lows
Life isn’t always kind
But somehow your kindness grows.
You radiate such brilliance
You can’t help but steal the show
You are my hero and I love you
Maybe more than you can know

Now that you are wife and husband,
New adventuring will start
In your Harborne hockey homestead
That you’ve built with hand and heart

With friends and family to support you
Your new chapter starts tonight
May it be filled with love and laughter
May your skies always be bright

Allie and Chris

  • "You've captured their relationship (and fireworks night!) perfectly! I love it (as always!)!!!!"
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