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You did it!

The library hours
The box ticking
The night heels down apartment stairs clicking
A kebab filled stomach’s midnight groan
New bed unmade and too far from home

All done with.

The chilly showers
The lectures dodged
Daytime TV shows repeatedly watched
Poor night-time cats they won’t leave be
Precious cocktail time with Em and Fi


Now Life can start
Blank slate, new page
No more dancing in a cage
Exam anxieties all can vanish –
Just learn, “it bit me, help” in Spanish

(“Mi ayuda!”)

You’ve proved you’re smart
You’ve proved you’re kind
Proved strong for friends, brave for Nightline
Once scared-cry, so-shy Lower Trans
Now faced with fear, you’re “Yes, I can!”

And we’re so proud.

Our baby girl
You’re in your prime
Just take it one step at a time
Play nice with boys, get your own cats
Wear one more fancy black grad hat

Or whatever you want…

Into the world
We’ll watch you go
We can’t wait for how you’ll grow
We’ll stay right here, adoring you
We are the love you can come home to –

And don’t you forget it.

Emily's poem

  • "WELL I AM CRYING but then that is not surprise because it's for my wonderful daughter and it's a wonderful gift. I love it."
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