It’s morning, Geeps, it’s early
Much too early for the sound
Of humming so high pitched
That it stirs dogs from all around

Bursting forth into the morn
Your day has started with a song
And your boundless joy just takes our hands
And pulls us all along

Whether tearing up a dancefloor,
Nestled down for chats with wine,
You spend time like it is precious:
You make me feel it’s yours and mine

With another great new look;
Bright and smiling, sunshine hair;
Although people hear you coming
They are thrilled when you get there!

We can’t wait to watch you turn
To a Mrs from a Miss
Here’s our love, support and friendship
All sealed up with a kiss x


  • I wish I could write poems like you to say thank you, but I can't! A million trillion thank yous. I think I'm gonna print it and frame it like some art!