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Your feet can move you forward
With your arms you hold the space
Your head clocks the direction
Your heart will set the pace

Between labour, laughs and loved ones,
With a rare bright energy,
You’re constantly in motion
Toward the next discovery

You have a smile Olympic-sized,
An honest joy which draws a crowd,
You’ve made a niche Down Under
And (if it’s alright) we’re proud

Proud that you will dance the path less trod
And make it every time;
Proud to be sharing in the wedding
Of the girl I met at mine

In the vineyard, racing ceases:
You’ve a moment that’s your own.
Spread new wings with a pilot –
‘Though throughout your life you’ve flown

This day is the beginning
Of adventuring for two
So trust your feet, arms, head and heart,
For we believe in you

Jane and Ian

  • "Catch in the throat moment."
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