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In the quiet

I’ll find you in the quiet
Of my morning cup of tea
Those politicians on the wireless
Aren’t what they used to be

I’ll feel you in the flick’ring
Of a warming winter blaze
To soothe tired limbs and aching feet
After no-fuss, chapped-hand days

I’ll see you in the Northern sun
As it dances on the sea
Laughter skipping too as stones are thrown
When you watch and smile, we’re free

I’ll hear you in the breath
Between their cackle and their chatter
I’ll listen well, just as you did,
To whatever is the matter

I’ll speak you when I’m thinking of
A rose-filled flowerbed
We’ll sit with toes in dew-soaked grass
Silence never means unsaid

I’ll find you in the quiet
Of those moments every day
When I see you plain in how I love,
For you showed me the way.


  • "Just beautiful. Wonderful wordsmithing!"
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