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There’s this light that I carry
It’s with me always
It’s the shape and the colour
Of my nights and days.

Funny, I’ve got one too
This soft little glow
Looks a bit like the people
And places I know

Like bright golden beaches
Sun-warmed English grass
Like the glint off a windscreen
Or a cocktail glass

It tells you my story,
What I love makes it shine:
You’re that precious person
Whose light looks like mine

Like pink mountains at sunset
Like chips and fish pies
Like the light of the laughter
That lives in your eyes

Let those in darkness talk,
We’ve nothing to hide
Illuminated by lovelies
We’ve grown up beside

With our beautiful two
And a few more someday
We’ll blaze toward our future 
Letting love lead the way

So don’t you say sorry
Lift your champagne glass high
Cheers to then and to now:
To light, love, you and I.

Lauren and Darren

  • "OH MY GOODNESS. I LOVE it. You are so talented. Wow. I can't believe you don’t know Lauren and Darren and yet it is just so perfect. Thank you."
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