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If we don’t spend much time dwelling
On the things that we have done
The flip-flopped, sea-splashed memories
We made under the sun

If we don’t replay repeatedly
Adventures we’ve been on
Traversing the two continents
To which we two belong

It’s ‘cause we’ve got things to do
Plans and dreams of future fun:
There are dancefloors undiscovered
There are races to be run

Puppies playing in a garden
Excited footsteps on a stair
Whoever snaps the better photo
It’s a picture we will share

We’ve brought with us, from then ‘til now,
Down Under’s finest friends
Whom we know to be family,
On whom we’ll endlessly depend

So if treading streets, barefoot on sand –
Wherever we may roam,
We’ll go there holding hands and hearts:
Together, we’ve found home.

Niki and Stu

  • "Thank you so much for writing the most amazing reading for our wedding day."
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