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Let’s play a game
Just for today
We’ll banish our worries and troubles away
With you I’ll run far, fly high, swim deep
From now morning has broken ‘til we fall asleep

At the start, let’s pretend
That you’ve put your back out
And some newbie swans in, and you have your doubts
But you blush when you notice he’s handsome and tall
You agree to a date in no time at all!

North London’s the set
For our wild japes and jaunts
We’ll go places that soon will become our old haunts
You’ll teach me to cook and grow greens in a tub
And I’ll teach you to recognise ‘Mulan’ and ‘Up’

We’ll take turns ‘tween the tennis
And Wicked West End shows
Seeing some that I love and some we don’t know
Date night out, eating in, fam and friends ‘round for tea,
Chocolate cake and jim-jams and flake-time TV

Can we dream, in our game?
Sure, that’s what it’s for!
Let’s dream that our two becomes three, even four!
They’ll bunk in the treehouse, take the pup for a run,
While I heal the aching and you teach the young

We could go on forever
In this game of ours
Walking home hand in hand under street-lamps and stars
I know from your eyes that it’s love we both feel 
So let’s not play a game – let’s make it real.

Nikki and Adam

  • "Beautiful! Such a lovely gift!"
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