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Springtime’s new warmth is glowing
As through countryside we wind
Dad and I stride on in front –
And we’re gossiping behind

Breeze-blown birdsong and fresh grass
Further than the eye can see
When as kids we ran ahead,
We’d turn around and there you’d be

Now we’re racing on through life,
London concrete, uni halls,
Sometimes it’s not enough like home
So then we just give you a call

You are there for city day trips,
You're there for Poldark, chats and tea
You are the place where I touch base
You make me feel like me

I’d play in peace on your soft bed
And lazy minutes passed like years;
I might have grown but, just as then,
I’m safe knowing that you’re near

We’re proud of how you live each day
With that gorgeous beaming smile
Make us strong with all your strength
And you do it all with style

We have different footfalls now
And the paths we walk are new
But when we lose our way, we know
To tread in time with you

We’re sure the reason we are here
Is because you have been there
So here’s to you, and to the love
That we, you and Dad share

(But today go a tad easy, Mum,
Because surely it’s a sign –
For this poem, we chose “fun” memories of you:
Both choices involved wine)

Sandy's poem

  • "Oh I love it! Thank you. It's wonderful."
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