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Today I make a promise
That I’ll be here for you
I'll cherish you no matter what
And guide you to what’s true

From our first hugs in Guildford
To silly bath tub play
Your happy smiles stole my heart
And also my birthday

In time I’ll learn more of you
While you learn some more of me
You’ll tell me tales of school and playtime
And I’ll teach you how to ski

I hope you’ll find fulfillment,
You’ll be kind and use your brain,
Love your elders, be a rebel –
Just do not mix grape and grain

When you need a break from Star Wars
Or think city life’s more fun
You and I can seek adventure
While I dish the dirt on Mum

We have many years together
As you grow and find your way
Know my promise never changes:
I am here for you, today


  • "You are amazing...I can't read the last two lines without welling up!"
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