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No words enough

Declarations of love,
My belovéd,
Are all well and good

But my new shoes are something!
From Burford?
Cost half what they should.

Did you see? Sure I did,
In the paper?
They’re all beyond help.

Then my boss – and your kids –
My belovéd,
Take care of yourself.

Was it simpler back then?
Not especially.
That’s the cunning of time.

Stolen stories forgot –
I remember.
Your memories are mine.

We’ve moved on, we’ve crossed counties –
And oceans –
And boy, we’ve had fun.

Some wallflowers wilt,
Not us.
We’re charged by the sun.

And the people who love you,
They feel that.
That’s why they all stay.

‘Though they go, as they must,
They don’t leave.
We start another day.

We’ve filled houses and hearts
With a life
Full of them, me and you.

No words enough for all you’ve giv’n,
My belovéd.
My Mom. My Boo.


  • "I can't speak. It's more lovely than I'd hoped."
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