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When outside the door the world’s a snow-storm
Love’s cosy white duvets snuggle us warm
Generosity’s grain runs through this wood
Sore insteps soothed as we pad barefoot
‘Cross wide sofa-ed spaces, laughter sings
Joy is your very own napkin ring
If bubbly in bubbles hints at high living
Fines will unearth the day’s shameful misgivings
Skin smarts as down icy hills we slide
At least the hot tub pities a cold backside
Tea in the morning, Jaeger in the night
Race to the lift when we’ve cut it too tight
Friends to urge you off-piste and to wait when you fall
And an alpine abode that welcomes us all
With a place for all things and all things in a place
Care unfurrows our brows, returns us to base
We’re grateful, so lucky, to have had on loan
The wonder that’s found in this family home


  • "It exactly reflects our experience."
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