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In Their Own Words

Wedding writings

Gift for the bride - a fun, unique poem

Georgie, on receiving "A poem for Geeps" (forwarded from bridesmaid who commissioned):

"Wowwwwwww...That is so amazing. You have totally made my day!!

Thank u so so much :) I feel so touched!!!! What kind words :) I wish I could write poems like you to say thank you, but I can't! A million trillion thank yous. I think I'm gonna print it and frame it like some art!"

Jennifer, France, on her daughter's wedding ceremony (and my first!):

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you and what a fabulous job you did. The way you gleaned, then used the information from Cassie & Matt was superb. We certainly couldn't believe it was your first time. You made it a wonderful occasion."

Matt, Surrey, on his wedding ceremony (before the big day!):

"Lizzie is quite incredible and has been doing a seriously impressive job these last few months... We're thrilled and very thankful."

Kayleigh and Dan, Nottingham:
"Our friend commisioned this beautiful poem for us - what a lovely surprise!
Looking back after a year, it really summed up the wedding day, and the marriage in general to be honest. I was touched that we inspired this gorgeous piece."

Torty, Bristol, on "Lauren and Darren":

"Fabulous poet who will write a beautiful, bespoke poem for any occasion. She wrote the most perfect poem for Lauren and Darren's wedding. If you're looking for an original present then I can't recommend Lizzie highly enough."

Niki, Epsom, on "Niki and Stu":

"Thank you so much for writing the most amazing reading for our wedding day. It was so lovely and brought a personal touch to our ceremony. Everyone commented on how 'us' it was - I cannot believe that simply from that questionnaire you were spot on!"

Bespoke weddng ceremony

Chloe and Tom, Cheltenham:
"My husband and I enjoyed every step of this process with Lizzie; from reflecting on what ‘love and marriage’ really means to us, to the finished poem which now has pride of place in our downstairs bathroom (where all important sentiments should be kept!). Lizzie took the time to produce something beyond all of our expectations, it offered such a unique and personalised element to the wedding; all of the guests commented on the extra dimension it added to such an unforgettable day. Thank-you so much Lizzie."

testimony in your own words poem

Occasion poetry

Ele, on Luke's poem"Today":

"Oh my god I love it! I can't read the last two lines without welling up!!"

Luke's grandpa, who was also the vicar for his Christening service:

"This is great and just right for the service. And your secret is safe with me - have made sure that Zoe and Steve [Luke's parents] don't know what you will be reading, so it will be a lovely surprise."

Luke's mum, and Ele's best friend:











Laura, Suffolk, on "From Craigevar with love":

"This could not have been a smoother process. I was really pleased to have the initial discussion with Lizzie face to face, as it gave me the chance to appreciate aloud the home that's given me so much - and she honestly captured those sentiments I expressed then in the finished poem. She was open to my input along the way, too, which made me feel like it was my poem - as she asked for my thoughts on her first draft I made a few comments, and it came back PERFECT. Really, reading it gave me goosebumps."

Stephen, Guildford, on "Joan's poem":
"Just beautiful. Lizzie is jolly clever - not only did she ask the right questions and understand the answers but she was able to add very subtle thoughts. Combine that with wonderful wordsmithing et voila!"

Testimony in your own words client poem

Torty, Bristol on "Vivienne's poem"...:

“I couldn't get through the first verse without crying!!!!! You are so bloody clever!!! It's perfect! I have been looking forward to reading this and you haven't let me down! You are brilliant.”
Sandy, Oxfordshire:

"Just wanted to say how much I like the poem that Hannah & Benjamin asked you to write for my birthday celebrations, although  I do get a bit teary when I read it - but in a good way I'm glad to say! Many thanks."

Cathy, Cambridge on "Minutes: a poem for 100 hours of online friendship":

It was a huge success! Happy tears from two of them :) Many thanks indeed for a very memorable gift!

Public speaking sessions

Matt, on Executive Presence training:

"I've been subject to dozens of presentation courses, management courses and inter-personal training courses throughout the years, but none of them have come close to the 1:1 coaching that Lizzie has provided.

I've used Lizzie as a presentation and communication coach throughout 2017 for developing my own 1:1, 1:Team and 1:Audience situational skills and it's been a MASSIVE factor in having had one of my best years yet. Lizzie's style was very new to me, and so from day 1 I was stepping out of my comfort zone. In the challenging world of corporate consulting, the interpersonal, communication and presentation skills that Lizzie teaches are incredibly powerful - and I don't believe you can get them anywhere else. Everything from subtle uses of voice, to body language and stance.

Lizzie does her research and puts in the time ahead of every session - so it's maximum value during coaching sessions. If you need someone who can give REAL feedback and coaching on any aspect of the way you present yourself, in ANY situation, I can highly recommend booking Lizzie. I'll continue to call on her expertise for a great many years to come."


Dan, on a focused session on presenting in house:

"I enjoyed the session and feel that I learnt a lot. I have started to use some of the ideas/techniques that we went over, as well as using the breathing and vocal techniques we covered."

Angella,on a workshop for small business entrepreneurs:

"Thoroughly enjoyable."

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