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Celebrant - led weddings: involve your guests!

Make your entire wedding a dancefloor.

I mean what's a dancefloor, really? A place where people connect; they let go of their inhibitions; they have a good time - such a good time that they often stay there for ages; and when they do leave, exhausted, they do so with a smile on their face! The sort of vibe you'd ideally like for your whole day, non?

Of course, there are drawbacks to the dancefloor. It's sweaty. It can be messy (oh don't bring your pint into the mini mosh pit, Brian). It sometimes takes time to get going. And I don't personally understand it but I am reliably informed that some people...don't like dancing? Eesh.

Luckily, I'm not completely serious about making your entire wedding a dancefloor. I am, however, extremely serious about helping your guests to feel connected, happy, and excited to celebrate!

Great wedding writing, which is what I do, is vital to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Effective communication, in any setting, instils confidence - both in guests and in those speaking - and confident people are comfortable people.

You know that feeling when you're listening to a reception speech and it's...well...not good? Your insides are squirming, you don't know where to look, you're willing them just to wrap it up - essentially, you're wishing you were anywhere else. Nobody is feeling connected, nobody is happy and maybe some people even want to leave. That's not how I want anyone to feel at a wedding!

Instead, let's make the whole day feel like the dancefloor - where everyone's invited. Including your uncle, who disapproves of dancing! Including your friend with a baby who will probably have to leave before the actual dancing even gets going! Including your grandma, who really can't dance for health reasons (but is constantly playing Aretha Franklin in her head like the goddess she is)!

Let's write a wedding - ceremony, readings, speeches, the lot - that truly speaks to your guests of you. They have many facets, they have many wishes and dreams for you - so many people are so invested in this day of yours, and you respect that. On your day, let's remember it's your day AND let's not leave anyone behind - let's connect up. Let's talk to everyone with great writing that resoundingly speaks your truth. Let's get everyone on that metaphorical dancefloor's a fantastic warm up for the real one!

"By far the most feedback on the wedding that we had was how incredible the ceremony was...some people even admitted that they regret their own ceremony now that they experienced something so personally, so inclusive, and so exquisitely put together."

Matt & Cassie

Fancy having an informal chat about your wedding day? Reach out: - even if you aren't sure exactly what you're asking yet! I adore brainstorming for a creative wedding and it will be lovely to hear from you.

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